Chocolate and beetroot brownie.

Chocolate gooey brownies is the best 3 words to hear. So when i mention there’s beetroot in the brownies what’s your first thought?
Some people will think that it’s crazy, you can’t have chocolate and beetroot together. 
Other people will think it’s a great idea but have no idea where to start.
No need to fear, i have the perfect recipe for gooey chocolate and beetroot brownies
750g soft dark brown sugar
500g grated cooked beetroot
9 eggs
600g unsalted butter
1kg dark chocolate 
150g self-raising flour
1: Melt the butter and chocolate together in a bowl over hot water or in a microwave. If you decide to use a microwave make sure you stir the mixture every few seconds so it doesn’t burn.
2: Mix the eggs and sugar with a whisk until you get a smooth pale mixture.
3: Mix the butter and chocolate mixture with the egg and sugar mixture.
4: Add flour gradually to the mixture.
5: Finally, you need to grate your beetroot and then add it to your mixture.
6: Pour the mixture into a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.
7: Cook in a fan oven on 170 degrees celsius for 29 minutes. 
Leave to cool down before removing from the tray and slice. 
It’s now time to grab a hot drink and enjoy the brownies!