Body Shop shower gel and shower cream review.

Body Shop shower gel and shower cream
Body Shop shower gel and shower cream
Whenever i see a Body Shop store, i just can’t help myself and i have to go in and see what’s new and to see if it smells nice. My friend of 16 years knows me so well.. (well after being friends for 16 years i think i’d be worried if she didn’t know me well by now). She knows that i love nice smelling things so i always get excited when it’s Christmas and Birthday times. I love to see what nice smelling things she’s found. Christmas came and it was present time, i was so excited when i saw 3 bottles of shower gel and a bottle of shower cream, i could not wait to see what wonderful smells they had to offer.
I’d also like to apologise for the long delay with this review. It’s taken me a very long time to test each shower product.

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel

Mango –

The first thing I noticed when I started the mango shower gel was the smell. I’m not keen on mango’s if i’m honest but this shower gel has changed my view on mango’s, turns out I actually like the smell. It’s such a nice refreshing smell of mango.

A nice refreshing shower gel, one of the main things you expect is for the smell to last for ages. Sadly the smell of mango doesn’t stay long at all which is a shame.
I didn’t find the shower gel drying at all and I found that it moisturised my skin really well. I’m surprised about that from what i had heard from other people. Another good point about the mango shower gel is that you only need to use a small amount to shower.
The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel 

Satsuma –

If you love satsuma’s then this shower gel is for you, the strong smell of Satsuma will draw you in. Sometimes you find you have a dull smell of satsuma with products. However not with The Body Shop items, the smell is so strong it’s just fantastic.

Once again like all the other shower gels you only need to use just a small amount. Another positive point is it works well with sensitive skin and it doesn’t dry the skin out. Sadly like some of the other shower gels the smell of satsuma’s doesn’t last for as long as I wished.

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Gel

Chocomania –

This one is definitely my most favourite one out of them all. This one is a shower cream instead of a shower gel. It smells so good, at times I have to remind myself that it’s shower cream so I can not eat it as when it comes out the bottle it does look very similar to chocolate sauce. 
Since this is a cream rather than a shower gel, this is soap free so it doesn’t have a chance to dry your skin and while it doesn’t dry your skin it actually moisturises your skin a bit. The only disappointing down point to the shower cream is that the chocolate fragrance does linger on your skin but not for as long as some of the shower gels do. You can’t complain too much about this product as after using it, it’s truly left my skin soft and smooth.
The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel 

Strawberry –

If you think of any strawberry scented products you don’t think you’ll be impressed by it. Every strawberry scented item from The Body Shop all have the same strong scent of strawberry. When you think of strawberry you think of it being sticky but thankfully with this it’s not sticky at all. Some shower gels, they smell really nice but they hardly ever stay for long on your skin. However there’s nothing to worry about with the strawberry shower gel as after using it, it lingers on your skin for a long time after.
Having very sensitive skin, it’s difficult to try different shower gels. But, i haven’t had the issue with any of the The Body Shop items. The shower gel leaves the skin so soft and freshly scented.
And finally, with this shower gel it’s thick and really easily to use and you only really need to use a small amount.  
I hope you enjoyed reading through my review of the 3 shower gels and the shower cream.
Do you like The Body Shop? Whats your favourite product?