Nivea express hydration hand lotion review

I’m sure i’m not the first and won’t be the last to suffer with dry skin.

When it comes to my hands then at times they can be so bad they’re actually painful. What with having sensitive skin as well it’s been tough trying to find a hand cream which will help both with dryness and sensitive skin.
I’ve tried many creams before and they would either be way too greasy or they’d leave me having an allergic reaction to it.

I went shopping and wasn’t even looking for hand creams but ended up going down the aisle where they’re located. I was advised that the Nivea Express Hydration would be amazing for my issue. As always I was unsure about it because of the allergic reactions so when I bought it I wasn’t expecting anything amazing. 
Well I was wrong about being unsure about it. It’s amazing I have not had any allergic reactions at all. With some hand creams you ended up having to use a good helping to feel you have the right coverage over your hands. With the Nivea Express Hydration you only need a small amount.
It’s not even greasy like some hand creams, it’s just brilliant!
I’ve been using the cream for over half a year now and I would 100% recommend this to family and friends if they were looking for a hand cream for dry hands. 
If you feel this hand cream could be for you, you can buy it from;
Let me know what you think of it.