Tanya Burr nail polish review.

Tanya Burr nail polish

Tanya Burr is an English fashion and beauty vlogger
I shall add the links where you can find her at at the end of this post, you should really check her out she’s amazing!

First, i know my review of the nail polishes is very late after they were launched. i’ve only recently got the nail polishes for my birthday, so this is why it’s a very late review so i apologise for that. 
Tanya launched her brand Tanya Burr Lips and Nails on 30th January 2014. The lip glosses and nail polishes are named after her favourite things in life.
There’s 12 lip glosses in the collection
Let’s Travel The World
Champagne Toast
Exotic Island
First Date
Heart Skipped A Beat
Just Peachy
Smile Dream Sparkle
Vampire Kiss
Picnic In The Park
Afternoon Tea
There’s 10 nail polishes in the collection
Mini Marshmallows
Peaches And Cream
New York Night
Bright And Early
Riding Hood
Be Bright Be Happy Be You
Midnight Sparkles
Penguin Chic
Little Duck
Mischief Managed

My Review

For my birthday i decided to choose 3 nail polishes from the collection which were New York Night, Midnight Sparkles and Penguin Chic. I normally just go for dark colours but the Penguin Chic just caught my eye from the start and i just had to get it. At the moment i have only used Midnight Sparkles and what can i say.. I’m so impressed with it, i’ve had the polish on for many days now and it hasn’t chipped a single bit. I can truly say it was worth the wait and i shall definitely be sticking to Tanya’s nail polish.

Would i recommend?

If you haven’t used any of the nail polishes before then i 100% recommend it to you, you wont be disappointed at all. The formula is really good and only two generous coats are needed. Applying the first coat you find that it dries really quickly which allows you to apply the second coat a lot quicker than normal, after applying the second coat it leaves you with such a glossy coat which you find most nail polishes don’t and you need to apply a glossy topcoat afterwards.

Would i buy any more?

I’m that impressed with the quality of the nail polishes i’m going to be looking into getting the Riding Hood and Little Duck polishes, even though Little Duck isn’t a dark colour it just looks amazing, i shall do a blog post about the new colours when i get them to show you people who aren’t too sure about what the colours look like in person as i was exactly the same, i waited to see the colours on someone before i went and choose mine.

Tanya Burr nail polish

Left to right – New York Night, Penguin Chic, Midnight Sparkles.

Tanya Burr nail polish

Left to right – Penguin Chic, New York Night, Midnight Sparkles.

Tanya Burr nail polish

Midnight Sparkles –  to start with, i’d just like to point out i can’t paint my nails perfectly.

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