5 things i’ve learned since blogging

I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now. I didn’t know what to expect and if i’m honest i still don’t know what i’m expecting from blogging. However i didn’t know there was many things i’d end up learning. So i thought i’d make a blog post on what i’ve learn’t and hopefully if you’re a new blogger or been blogging for many years now it’ll help you out.

There are many thing’s to learn but i’ve decided to share 5 top thing’s i’ve learned over the 3 years. 


Backdrops are one of the most important parts of the blog photo’s you take from my point of view. Blog photo’s look amazing when it comes to having the right backdrop. 

Many people worry about how much backdrops will cost. Not many people know but there are two options when it comes to buying backdrops.

1- If you’re wanting a good durable backdrop to use over and over again then i would recommend buying a Vinyl backdrop. As a photographer i have many Vinyl backdrops as i need them for many different subjects of photography. What makes them amazing is the fact you can reuse them over and over again and they’re strong, durable and tear resistant. The great thing about Vinyl is the fact you can get many different patterns and colours. There are many companies online which offer you amazing quality of Vinyl backdrops.

2- Many people don’t know this but if you’re not wanting to spend money on a Vinyl backdrop then an easier way of finding a backdrop is wallpaper. You can go to many DIY stores such as Homebase & B&Q (In the UK) and you can get free samples of wallpaper which is a great way if you wish to be taking photo’s of flat lays. You can even buy a roll of wallpaper, if you feel thats the right option for you. It’s an amazing way to have different types of backdrops. I have quite a few different wallpaper samples which comes in handy if i don’t want to be using my bulky Vinyl backdrops. If you don’t have a DIY store near you then you can also buy wallpaper online from places such as Amazon and eBay


Sometimes while blogging you can feel like you’re on your own. However being a blogger you are never alone. The blogging community is massive and there is many lovely women and men part of it. An amazing way to meet new bloggers is getting involved with The Girl Gang. It’s been created by the gorgeous blogger Jemma from Dorkface.co.uk. The Girl Gang has over 16,000 followers and it’s a great community to belong to. Every Monday at 6pm GMT there’s chats on Twitter which is a great way of meeting new people.

There are many different twitter chats out there, however sometimes you don’t need twitter chats. If you don’t like the idea of twitter chats then you can just tweet them, let them know you love their blog, or even reply to a tweet of theirs. Supporting other bloggers is such a lovely thing to do.


When you don’t get any views or comments on your blog post, the first thought will be about stopping what you’re doing. DON’T, it can be a bit disheartening that you’ve spent all that time on the blog post. It happens, not every blog post will get comments or views. 

However there will be blog posts which will catch people’s attention. You just have to remember you have to write what you want to write, not what you think people will want to read. Remember, it’s your blog. 


Getting an email from a brand is always one of the best moments of blogging. You start to question yourself if you’re even good enough to even call yourself a blogger and why they’d even want to work with someone like yourself. When you get that unknown email saying they’d love to work with you is such a confidence boost. However you really must do your background checks when you get those types of emails.

I’m sure this is where some people would be questioning how you would do background checks. So i thought i’d share my tips on background checks.

1- Read the email. Read it more than once.

2- Google the company. Make sure that the company exists and they have all social media platforms.

3- Google the person who sent you the email. What i mean by that is when you google the name it should come up with the name and the company they work for. Don’t be afraid to look on LinkedIn to see if they have a profile and they list that exact company they’re emailing from.

4- Don’t be afraid to look on Facebook and Twitter to check that the person is exactly the same as on other platforms.

5- If everything checks out to be alright, then what’s stopping you? Go and email the brand back. 


This one is a touchy subject. Many bloggers don’t believe in reaching out to companies. However i don’t see the issue in making the first move when it comes to working with companies. If it wasn’t for the fact of talking to companies first, then i wouldn’t of got the chance of working with some of the companies i have.

A great way of finding out if companies are looking for bloggers is to be part of a PR platform. This is where companies will be connected with Bloggers, Journalists and Influencers worldwide.


I wish i had read fellow bloggers similar blog posts before i started blogging, as i would of been more prepared with what was going to happened in the big world of blogging. I hope this has helped some of you. Let me know what you’ve ended up learning since starting blogging.

  • I totally agree with all these points Kaitlin – especially about not being disheartened if you don’t get as many views as you’d like. Not every post is a hit, but keep going because if you keep at it then you will get somewhere 🙂

    Also – never thought about using wallpaper samples as backdrops before – amazing!