Christmas Gift Guide #2*

*PR Sample/gift.
I have another idea for you if you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to Christmas presents.
Don’t know what to get for your female friend or family member? Why don’t you think about getting them some Jewellery. Sand and Seagulls is an amazing jewellery company. 
For someone who loves jewellery and the beach it’s just 100% the company i love and i’m sure many other people will love too.
*Hint* Family and friends of mine, I LOVE THIS COMPANY. If you have no ideas for me! 
Sand and Seagulls is a company who is inspired by the seaside.
There’s all different types of seaside items such as starfish, lighthouse, anchor, seahorse and so much more.
Your item appears in a beautiful purple and white striped paper bag which i think is a lovely touch on the seaside theme as whenever i went to the seaside and vistited the little shops nearby you’d always get your items in paper bags.
If you decide to order a necklace it shall appear on a 18″ chain but there is a option if you don’t want the 18″ chain to change the size if you contact the lovely owner Zoe by emailing her. 
Since receiving the beautiful necklace this is one of my go to necklaces to wear. It just goes with everything I wear and it’s not too big, it’s just a perfect size. I’ve had many people compliment on the necklace which makes me so happy because it deserves praise because it’s just so pretty. 
I’m definitely going to recommend this company to my friends and family as i know they’ll love it.
You can find the sterling silver starfish necklace HERE
I really hope you check out Sand and Seagulls because it’s such a great company and it would be a lovely Christmas present.
Let me know if you decide to go with Sand and Seagulls as one of your Christmas present ideas.