Dementia Awareness Week.

Many people don’t know what dementia is, sadly more and more people are being diagnosed with the  horrific disease. It’s predicted that there will be around 850, 000 people in the UK with dementia in 2015 and family members don’t understand what it is.  
This is where my blog post will explain to you what it is.
What is dementia?  
Dementia is the word that describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language.
The symptoms may start of small, but for someone with Dementia those little small symptoms have become severe enough to affect daily life for them.
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of Dementia.
Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by Alzheimers disease or even by a series of strokes.
Not all people will show the same symptoms of Dementia. It depends on the parts of the brain that are damaged and the disease that is causing the Dementia.
Sadly Dementia is progressive, that mean’s the symptoms will gradually get worse.
What is Dementia Friends?
It doesn’t cost a thing to become a Dementia Friend. 
Being a Dementia Friend means you learn a little more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then you can turn that understanding into action.
Anything from telling family members, friends or even helping someone with Dementia, everything helps.
There’s no age restriction, any age can become a Dementia friend.
Being a Dementia Friend myself, i can guarantee it’s so worth it, you learn so much and you never know when the information you learn will be needed to help someone in the future.
You can sign up and become and Dementia Friend by using the website link below.
Website Facebook page | Twitter page
What is Dementia awareness week?
Yesterday marked the start of Dementia awareness week.
Alzheimers society believe once someone gets the devastating news that they have Dementia, it’s not the end of their life, they don’t have to stop doing what they love or even try out new things.
This is where Dementia awareness week has been created. 
Alzheimers society is encouraging everyone who supports them to do something new this week, whether it’s learning to dance, learning how to bake, learn a musical instrument it can be anything you like. You have till the 23rd May to learn something new.
Don’t forget to let Alzheimers society know what you’re doing by social media by using the hashtags #DoSomethingNew and #DAW2015.
Because more and more people are needing help, Alzheimers society is asking people to make a £3 donation if they can to help people living with Dementia.
Text NEW to 706660
Texts will be charged at your standard network rate. Alzheimers Society receives 100% of the donation.
If you’re not the bill payer then please get the bill payers permission before you do anything.   
Customer Care: 0330 333 0804 
Charity No: 296645

You can also donate online

All of this research can’t be done without all of our help. That’s why i’ve given you a couple of ways where you can donate money towards the research and help that Alzheimers Society. More and more people are being diagnosed, however there’s hardly any help out there. There’s no help for the person suffering but also for the family members caring for them.
The more we can help the more research which can be done which could help you in the future or even someone who you don’t know and needs the help.  
Many people have heard about Alzheimers and Dementia but many people have no idea what the signs are. However t’s time to show people what the signs are. With this is mind i think i shall end the blog post here.
However, don’t hesitate in going to read more about Alzheimers and Dementia. By all means it’s worth understanding.
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