How to make a circle profile picture for blogger

Ever wondered how people manage to make their profile picture on blogger circle?
Well i am here to help you out.
Recently having a picture on your profile is the in thing specially if it’s a circle profile picture.
It’s rather easy when you get the right instructions and when they’re easy to understand. This is where i thought it was time to make some instructions which are easy to understand as it took me for ages to find some instructions which made sense and actually had clear photos to follow. 
Before we start i need to explain something. I decided to use one of my own photos to do this tutorial rather than a picture of myself. So no need to worry, i’m not a meerkat in real life! 
I have 28 simple steps for you to follow. 
1 – Find the image you’re wanting to use and open it in Photoshop. 
Once you have the image opened in Photoshop, on the left hand side you need the 18th symbol down. 
2 – Click and hold down the 18th symbol and this is where a list appears, this is where you need to click on ‘Ellipse Tool’.
3 – Once you click on the ‘Ellipse Tool’, this is where you need to draw a circle it can be any size you like.

4 – Once you’ve decided what size circle to have, you need to move the circle over the part of the image you’ll be wanting to use as your profile picture. 

5 – Down the right hand side of photoshop, there is a section called ‘Layers’. This is where you’ll be able to see 2 layers ‘Background’ and ‘Ellipse 1’. You need to pay attention to the lock which is on the background layer.

6 – You need to click directly on the lock and it shall disappear. Your background layer, shall now appear as ‘Layer 0’.



7 – Now you need to swap the layers. Click and hold down on ‘Layer 0’ and move the ‘Layer 0’ above ‘Ellipse 1’. Once you’ve moved the layers the circle shall disappear so don’t worry about it, it’s mean’t to happen.

8 – In the Layers section, on the right hand side up the top of the section there is a symbol which is 4 horizontal lines and a arrow facing down, you need to click on it. 

9 – Once you’ve clicked on the button a list shall appear and you need 13th one down which is ‘Create Clipping Mask’.


10 – Once you’ve clicked on ‘Create Clipping Mask’ the rest of the image will disappear and only what you placed the circle over shall stay.



11 – You need to select both layers at the same time. You need to hold down the shift button and select both layers.

12 – Once again, in the Layers section, on the right hand side up the top of the section there is a symbol which is 4 horizontal lines and a arrow facing down, you need to click on it. 

13 – Once you’ve clicked on the button a list shall appear and you need the 17th one down which is ‘Merge Visible’. Once you’ve selected the option then the layers will merge and there will only be one layer and it’ll be ‘Layer 0’.

14 – Next step is to crop the image. You need to go to the left hand side and the 5th symbol down. You need to hold the button down and select the ‘Crop Tool’ option.  

15 – Once you’ve selected the crop tool you now need to crop as close as possible around the round image. This is to remove the unwanted space of the image.

16 – You then need to select the third button on the top of the screen which is a tick, it is to show you’re happy with the crop selection.

And there we go, there is your circle profile picture.
The final steps to this is saving, resizing in PicMonkey and adding to blogger.

17 – You need to go to ‘File’ and then ‘Save’. Save your profile picture somewhere on your computer easily to find because you’ll need to find it again for the next step.

18 – Now you need to open your internet browser and go to PicMonkey. (
Once you’re on PicMonkey you’ll come to a similar page like above and you’ll see 4 items, ‘Edit’, ‘Touch Up’, ‘Design’ and ‘Collage’. Here is where you need to hover over ‘Edit’ and this is where it shall drop another menu.
19 – You now need to click on ‘Computer’ this is where you need to locate where you saved your profile picture on your computer and then upload it. 

20 – Once your profile picture has uploaded it’ll appear on the screen.
Resizing your profile picture is the next step, on the left hand side there are 8 symbols. You need to select the top symbol, the one which looks like a cropping symbol. A list appears besides and you need to go down to the bottom and find ‘Resize’.

21 – Once you’ve clicked on Resize the options appear. You need to change the numbers which appears to 220×220.
22 – Now you have finished, all you have to do is save it.
You need to look at the top of your page where there’s a slim grey area which starts off with ‘Open’, you’ll see that next to open there is a ‘Save’ button and that’s the one you need to select.

23 – Uploading to Blogger is simple. Go to Blogger, select your blog name and on the left side of the screen you have a list. Select ‘Layout’.

24 – The layout of your blog will then appear. You need to select a sidebar. Select ‘Add a Gadget’.
(Don’t worry, you can move the gadget further up the layout when you’ve finished. To do that just click and hold on the gadget and move it where you want it to be.)

25 – A pop up then appears and you need to search for ‘Image’ when you’ve found it click on the ‘+’.

26 – This is where the ‘Configure Image’ menu appears. You need to select ‘Choose File’ under ‘From your computer’. You need to find your profile picture on your computer. 

27 – Once you’ve uploaded your profile picture it’ll appear and you’ll be able to see it. Before you save you need to add a title. This is where you can add ‘About Me’. If you don’t want a title and leave it blank then this is where the lovely Carrie comes into it.
Click the link and Carrie helps you with the steps.
Once you’ve done that, you need to save.
28 – The final step, select ‘Save arrangement’.

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