It’s the end of 2014.

Where has the year gone? It only seems like last week was the start of 2014 and now we’re in the last week of 2014.
What have you done this year which you’ll rememebr? If you asked me the same question i just would not be able to answer you. I really do not know what i’ve done other than become 20 years old. 2014 seems to have gone so quick to the point i have no idea what’s happened.
What has this year given me? It’s shown me who my true friends are, and shown me the ones who i no longer need.
Sadly this year has shown me that one of my best friends wasn’t actually the person who i thought they were. It’s sad to see the real person, but you have to get to the point where you need to move on and make your life a lot more easier for yourself even if that mean’s leaving a friend behind.
Not only has 2014 shown me who isn’t my friends but it’s made some of my friendships a lot more stronger than ever which i’m so happy about.

I hope that 2015 will bring a lot more opportunities for myself and also for you. I’m hoping to get a lot more into blogging as it’s been slightly mismatched this year. I’ve been slowly getting use to how to blog. However, i’m still here after 9 months when KaitlinLouise started, and with this blog it’s opened my eyes to a whole new adventure and i’m loving it. I shall be back with a lot more posts for you in the new year.
It’s my last post of 2014 (obviously as it’s the last day of 2014). I hope the year has treated you well and i shall see you in 2015, where we shall carry on the journey together.

Happy New Year Everybody!

Love, KaitlinLouise