It’s the end of 2015.

First of all, where has 2015 gone? It only feels like it was last week i was about to write my ‘It’s the end of 2014’ blog post.

I’m sure i’m not the only one who thinks 2015 has gone so fast.

So, has 2015 treated you well?


2015 has been alright, i wouldn’t say great but it’s been alright, can’t really complain much if i’m honest. Sadly once again i’ve lost friends and gained friends back. Since last year i got one friend back but we’ve distanced again to the point we no longer talk which is a shame because we use to be so close.
You’ll find this the older you get. Once you leave school and college you really see who your true friends are because they’re the ones who make the effort and actually stay in contact with you.
Don’t start to question what you’ve done wrong. It’s just the way things are, friends distance but you’ll end up making some more friends.


What can i say, i’ve been working so hard this year when it comes to my blog, Kaitlin Louise has grown so much since 2014.
I celebrated 1 year of my blog in March and i’ve had so many visitors to the blog. It’s just crazy how so many people want to read what i write.
Then i got to work with 4 companies for Christmas. I would never had expected to be able to get to that point so quickly. I’m so grateful i was given the chance to do so. Hopefully i’ll get more chances in the future to work with different companies because i truly loved it.

Looking to 2016

I plan on getting more and more blog posts sorted for 2016, i want to spend more time on the content and try and give you, the readers something to bring you back every time i right something.
I want to try and do some more baking blog posts. This seems to be something a lot of people are liking to read.
And finally, being a very anxious person, it really destroys things i want to do so i want to push myself into doing things which scare me.

Happy New Year everyone, see you in 2016.