It’s the end of 2016

It seriously feels like it was last month that i was writing the blog post ‘It’s the end of 2015‘. Many people including myself have questioned where this year has gone. I really can’t understand how fast this year has gone. I love the month of December, but it has been and gone just like every other month this year.

This year has been a struggle when it has come to blogging. I got myself into the blackhole of blogging and was finding it difficult to find the motivation to get writing. I’d just sit at my laptop and just get myself distracted really easily. Literally not feel bothered that i hadn’t got round to write a blog post. I also got bored of the restrictions i had with Blogger. I wanted to give my blog a make over but everything i wanted to do it wasn’t possible. Finally, i made the move from Blogger to WordPress. Was it easy? Being honest, no it really wasn’t easy i wish i had the money where i could of got someone to transfer my blog for me as it would of been so much easier than trying to find tutorials on how to transfer.

2016? Well other than having issues with the blogger platform and not wanting to write blog posts anymore, i did hit a massive goal on Twitter. I was hoping by the end of 2016 i would be somewhere near 1000 followers. To my shock i went way past 1000 followers by October. So from the bottom of my heart, Thank you. Thank you to all of my twitter followers who have been there from the start, who followed me last year and even who have followed from today. You wouldn’t believe how much it means how many of you there are who likes to follow and keep up to date on whats happening on here and even in my life.

2017? I really hope now that i’ve made the move from Blogger to WordPress i’ll get back into the groove and really enjoy blogging again. I have many blog post ideas already so lets see how it goes. Finally hopefully i’ll still be doing a good job at blogging and there shall be loads more of you guys following.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Love, Kaitlin x
  • 2016 went so fast didn’t it! I’ve been thinking about changing my blog from blogger to wordpress so please tell me which one you prefer!
    Happy New Year!
    Cloe X

    • Kaitlin Louise

      Happy New Year to you too Cloe!
      When it comes to which blogging platform i 100% would say WordPress. Yes, it’s a massive shock to start with when you first transfer everything. I think it’s the fact you have so much more things to do as theres no restriction where with Blogger you’re practically restricted from doing anything.
      It’s a lot of work to get your WordPress blog up and running but it’s so worth it in long running.

      I hope i’ve helped. If you need any more advise on this subject just let me know 🙂 x