Kaitlin Louise turns 3 today

Here we are again, i’m still blogging, blogging for 3 years. I can’t understand how i’ve managed to make it to 3 years especially after the issue of blogging i had last year. If you’re new to Kaitlin Louise or just don’t understand what happened last year, here’s a quick story for you.

I was with the blogger platform, loved it for a couple of years. When i was getting more and more into blogging i was noticing i was missing out on rather a lot. After a couple of months of not wanting to blog i decided it was time that if i wanted to carry on blogging it was time to do something about the situation, it was time to move from Blogger to WordPress. I must admit i thought it was going to be simple to transfer, do not trust anyone who says it’s simple. It’s not easy what so ever!

Since moving to WordPress, i have been loving being able to control everything on my blog, no restrictions at all.

I have so many different ideas for many blog posts for this year. So here’s to many more months and hopefully years of blogging.

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