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There’s nothing better than spring flowers, even better tulips. I’m the type of person who loves a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I don’t get them that often but when i do, i always hope for flowers which will last more than just a week.    
Ok Bouquet has an owner by the name of Rosario ‘Ross’ Rospo.
You can find out more about Rosario on his ABOUT page on his website. 
So when i got the chance to be sent a bouquet of flowers i jumped at the chance.
When ordering flowers online or receiving flowers there is always the problem of the flowers being damaged before they’ve arrived. The amazing way Ok Bouquet pack their flowers is perfect as none of my flowers were damaged when i received them.So not only do i need to praise them i also need to praise and give a little shout out to Matt from Interlink Express for looking after and delivering my flowers in top condition. 
The flowers come in a large box and you know what? Never have i ever experience a well thought out idea on how to take flowers out of a box. The cardboard packaging surrounding the flowers is a perfect design to be manoeuvred out easily so as to reduce any damage when removing the flowers from the box. 
Once you’ve come across one amazing item, i then came across another.
The white plastic box, If i must say the best invention for flowers ever. Not only did they make the flowers stand up through the transportation but it also keeps the flowers watered, so they’re in top condition when you open the box.
I took the flowers out of the box and arranged them in a vase, that’s when you notice the amount of flowers you receive. You receive so many in the bouquet i even had issues trying to arrange them all in the biggest vase i had. 
The bouquet of flowers has the perfect name for it, the ‘Spring Tulips’. The size is large for the price of £20.00. For the amount you get, £20.00 is amazing.
As you can see in the pictures the pink and orange tulips are alot bigger than the yellow ones. The reason? You get two bouquets in one. Once the pink and orange tulips die the yellow ones then flower which then allows you to have a yellow bouquet of tulips for an exact week.
The Spring Tulip bouquet will last for more than 3 weeks and that’s just amazing. Most bouquets i’ve had in the past have only lasted for around 2 weeks so to get an extra week out of it, is just amazing.
From the experience i have received, i shall 100% be going back to Ok Bouquet, and i shall be recommending them to all my friends and family.
If you like the sound of Ok Bouquet then you can find them at:
Or you can contact them using their Enquiry Form
Have you used Ok Bouquet before? What bouquet is your favourite from their selection?
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  • These flowers are absolutely stunning!

  • Aren't they just? Would recommend Ok Bouquet. Can't fault the company at all!