There has been a change


I can’t actually believe i’m writing this blog post. I’ve seen many people write similar posts and i’ve always thought how can that happen to so many people. Well now i know, because it’s been happening to me.

As some of you may know, i haven’t blogged for a month. The reason for it is, i fell out of love with blogging. It became more of a chore, when i had something i felt i had to share it, not the fact i wanted to share it with everyone. Not only did i become bored of blogging i got bored of the restrictions i had with the blogging platform i was on. So i decided it was time to pull myself together and give ‘Kaitlin Louise’ a complete make over and hopefully what with doing that it’ll show me what i’ve missed and why i fell in love with blogging at the start.

So, i’m back! Do you like the new design? I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress, the best move i’ve made. It took me awhile to set it all up but i’m finally here ready to show it off. One thing i must say is that if you’re looking to move from Blogger to WordPress then the best idea is to check out If it wasn’t for this website i would still be here trying to figure out how to transfer my blog. It’s so easy to understand and i keep going back to the same website. If you’re changing different items on my blog, it’s a perfect website to go to.

I was half way through writing a baking blog post and suddenly thought i actually need to explain why i disappeared for so long.

So yes, i’m back and i’m in love with blogging again. Get ready for all the blog posts to reappear as i have loads of ideas for you all. Thank you for sticking by me and not giving up.