Welcome to my June advertisers

It’s the first of the month and that means new monthly advertisers.
Do make sure you check these lovely people out, their blogs are amazing and worth the time to have a look.

This month i have two advertisers.
Llinos is the owner of The Lilac Linnet.
I’m Llinos, a 29 year old Welsh girl who loves crochet, reading, history and stationery.  I live with my boyfriend Oliver and our guinea pigs, Maggie and Lily, in Cardiff.  The Lilac Linnet is where I share my love of creativity and snapshots of my daily life.  I’ve had some serious health problems including cancer so I do write to share awareness of important issues too.  I hope you will visit and come along for the ride!
Siobhan is the owner of A Handful Of Sparkle.
A Handful Of Sparkle combines all the best bits from beauty reviews, lifestyle posts, music playlists and food/recipe posts! I love getting to know new readers, and enjoy the interaction on social media where i can be more active! Welcome to our little sparkly community! 
Blog: www.ahandfulofsparkle.co.uk
Twitter: https//twitter.com/sparkledust13 
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