Disclaimer / Work with me

Kaitlin Louise is a PR friendly blog so if you’re from a brand or company wanting to work together i have 4 options which i accept on Kaitlin Louise – 

Guest Posts – If you’re a brand or company wanting to reach out to my audience then i will accept pre written blog posts as long as they fit the topics i write about. In the title i will add a * and i will also give thanks to you for writing the blog post along with all links to your social media platforms at the end of the post.

Sponsored Posts – This is were a blog post could be written completely about your company or item or it could just simply be a link added to the post. I would also state at the bottom of the blog post that i was paid to write the sponsored post and that all thoughts were my own.

Giveaways – Giveaways is a great way for a company to get exposure, it’s also a great way for a blogger to get more involved with their audience and thank them for their support. 

Gifted Items – Being gifted items to write my honest review is an amazing opportunity to give my honest opinion to my audience. If the blog post is just about the item then in the title i shall add a *, along with a disclaimer that i was gifted the item at the bottom of the blog post. However if there are multiple items within the blog post i shall add a * beside those items, along with a * in the title and a disclaimer at the bottom of the post stating which items were gifted and that the post was written by my honest opinion.    

If you’re interested in any of the options or have any ideas of your own then feel free to get in touch via email which is kaitlinlouise94@gmail.com and we can discuss your ideas.

Companies i’ve worked with –