5 things i’m loving today

Hats, diary and nail varnish is just a few of the things I’ve been loving recently. So i thought why not share what i’m loving at the moment with you all. I  love seeing these blog posts because it gives an insight into someones life and what they like to buy.
These blog posts and hauls are always my weakness i end up online shopping straight after reading them. So i wish you all luck, don’t go spending too much because of me. 
I’d love to hear what items you have been loving recently.
I’m pretty sure i’m not the only one who has major issues when it comes to trying to remember what i’ve got to do and what day i’m on. So for Christmas i got a diary. Some people will be questioning why would someone be wanting a diary for christmas? Well i did. I want to be more organised this year so having a diary i have everything all in one place. There’s more of a chance of me remembering everything rather than forgetting everything. I love this diary as you get a whole page for each day. If you have a big to do list then there’s no reason to worry about running out of space.
One other thing which i love about it is that you get last year, this year and next year dates on 3 pages at the start. You get sunrise and sunset times, metric conversion tables, conversion factors, notable dates, religious festivals and international information. Towards the back of the diary you have a forward planner where you can write down information and plans for 2017. Aswell,  you have a notes section.
I really like the diary and i really don’t know why i didn’t get one sooner than now.    

You can find this diary and many others at: WHSmith
When it comes to my phone i have a love hate relationship with it. Sometimes i can love it and sometimes i’m happy to not look at it for hours, i’m sure we’ve all gone through stages like this more than once.
Recently i’ve enjoyed having my phone, i must admit that i’ve got myself addicted to playing the game ‘Panda Pop’. 
I’ve had my phone for under a year. Most of the time i really do love it, being a photographer it’s my go to if i never have my DSLR with me.

You can get an iPhone and a case from: Apple
For awhile now i’ve been looking for a grey nail polish. I wasn’t looking for a really dark grey i wanted a light grey. It’s taken me forever to find the shade i’ve been looking for. Finally i’ve found the shade i was looking for. The great thing about the Rita Ora – Rain Rain Go Away nail polish is during the day there’s a light lavender colour within the the grey and then at night it’s grey. It’s like a magical nail polish. I’m so happy with this nail polish. The only downside to the nail polish i’ve found is that it does chip very easily.
You can find the nail polish at: Rimmel London and they also give you a list where you can find the nail polish.
If you’re from the UK then you’ll know that recently it’s been freezing and i literally mean freezing.
I love wooly hats so i’ve been loving the fact i’ve been able to wear my hat the last couple of days. Especially to cover my ears from the cold as i suffer from earache when it’s cold. I love a nice thick wool hat, it really has to be one of the best purchases i’ve made in a long time. 

More than likely you won’t be able to buy the same hat anymore as i got this last year but i got it from: Dorothy Perkins
Once again it’s another item of clothing to keep me warm. Last year when i was with a friend shopping we ended up going in Accessorize. I wasn’t even looking for a scarf but i came across this beauty.
The texture of the scarf is so nice and warm its amazing to keep my neck warm. One thing about the scarf is, it’s so long i have to fold it in half which mean’s extra thickness. 

I’ve looked online and it doesn’t look like they do the same scarf anymore but you can find similar scarfs at: Accessorize
My close friends will tell you that i love cows. When i got a cow mug i was so excited, it was another mug added to my collection of mugs. Am i the only one who collects loads of mugs even though i hardly drink hot drinks? 
The mug is a large mug and the nose of the cow comes out of the mug. 
Sadly where i got my mug they don’t do a website plus the shop closed down but you can find cow mugs at: eBay and Amazon
  • I LOVE gray nail polish! It's such a fresh and fun neutral (especially in winter). And I totally need that owl notebook…


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  • Exactly, i've never had a grey nail polish before and now i do i love it so much, i really want to get into the fresh and neutral colours. 🙂