Accessorize shopping

Before i even start, how are we already in February? Where did January go? This blog post was meant to have been done in January. However what with me ending up with no camera throughout January i just felt like there was no way i could write this blog post until i had a new camera. So, i have a new camera and not to be bias but look how amazing the quality the photos are!

Christmas 2016 came and went and along came Boxing Day 2016. The day many people love due to the fact of all the Boxing Day sales. For many months i’ve been looking for a new bag. I have many bags different colours and different sizes but i’ve been looking for a specific size bag, not too small and not too big.

While looking online in the Accessorize sale i came across the ‘Cassidy Colour Block Across Body Bag’. It was the perfect size and what made it even better was the colour. I love the colour blue and many bags i’d seen before have had yellow, pink and even more different colours and it just wasn’t what i was looking for.

I didn’t know this till i actually received the bag, if you look at the back of the bag in the picture, there’s another holding place where you can place paper or even a small note-book, i feel like it’s a secret holding place. It’s funny how i didn’t even notice it at first. The fact that there’s even more extra space to put things is amazing as i’m one of those people who carry anything and everything in my bag when most of the stuff i don’t even need. Not only the holding place at the back of the bag there’s also the same compartment to the front. There’s the main section, a zip compartment in the back of the bag and there’s an open pocket to the front of the bag.

I’m always wary of security when it comes to bags. It’s a shame we’ve got to the situation in life where you always have to be careful when out. Having to keep a close eye on your bag because of people’s morals and thinking they deserve to take what’s not their’s. So when looking for a bag i always look at how secure it is. I liked how this bag came with the tuck tite fastener (yes i did just have to google what the fastener was called). I feel so happy that i can go out and all my valuables are safe in my bag.

You can no longer get the bag from Accessorize but you can find a similar bag –,acc_1.7/2898354000

When buying a new bag you always need new accessories to go with it. I thought i might as well get a new purse to go along with it, not to mention i had voucher for money off when buying the bag. I wanted to go along with the blue theme. Finding a purse which was similar to the bag was difficult. I found one but i didn’t really like it so i kept looking for another blue purse. That’s when i found the ‘Ticking Stripe Wallet’.

Once again just like the bag, i love extra space. I just loved that when i looked at the purse that there was an extra zip on the back. I just love the design of the purse so much i just can’t find words to try to explain my love for it.

Most of all when looking for a new purse it’s what space there is in the inside of it. My day-to-day purse is rather large so i was looking for a smaller purse to go in my smaller bag. When i mean smaller purse i still needed some room as i always end up with loads of change. This purse offered it all. I mentioned there is an extra compartment on the back and also there’s a coin section in the middle. There’s two other compartments for notes and also room for your cards. So, it’s definitely a size down from what i’m use to but that’s exactly what i was looking for.

You can still find the purse at –,acc_1.3/2903494100