Boohoo shopping.

If you live in the UK, then you’d know what i mean when i say the weather has been pretty hot recently.
So due to this hot weather i was looking for a hat, a nice oversized floppy beach hat.
I thought it was going to be simple to find a hat but i was so so so wrong.
What i didn’t know was the fact i have a big head (before you question, no it’s not like that). The size of my head is big. The size of my head is over 60 circumference (60cm). Many hats people offer are a lot lower than 60 so they never fit me.
This is where i came across Boohoo, i’d shopped with them many times before but never thought of them doing hats.
Boohoo was the only place where i could find a hat with the size of 60 circumference (60cm).
There’s 4 colours to pick from: Cream, Tan, Black and Natural. 
I went for the cream colour as it looks a lot like white and i don’t wear enough white.
I feel the brown strap round the hat works well and you can adjust it to another size if you want.   

The hat is made out of 100% paper.
It’s such a lovely hat and if you’re looking for a hat then i’d fully recommend having a look at Boohoo. They have many different types of hats to offer and are amazing to deal with.
If you’d like to go straight to the hat i’m talking about then you can just click here.
  • Aw this hat is so pretty. I just picked up a whole outfit from Boohoo to wear during LFW and can't wait for it to arrive in my post box :))

    Lu |

  • Thank you, i truly love the hat! You won't be disappointed with Boohoo, i've ordered many things from there and i've never been disappointed. I hope you get your outfit soon 🙂