Lets go on a shopping trip.

I did something very naughty last Wednesday, i went shopping.
Normally when i go shopping in my local town i can never find something i want to buy. So this shopping trip got me very excited due to the fact i found what i was looking for plus things i hadn’t gone into town for.


For the past couple of months i’ve been looking for a new bag. I’d been looking on all the websites i could think of from Ted Baker to John Lewis and i still could not find anything i liked. The issues would either be the bag would be too small, too big, the wrong colour and not a full zip to close the bag or even the fact there wasn’t an option of having the bag over your shoulder.

At the price of £22.99 i thought it was an amazing price for the bag. There’s two colours available to choose from, Black and Tan.

Over the shoulder strap
You can find the bag online on the New Look website.
Ever had a pen explode everywhere? I have and it’s so annoying and i always need a pen with me incase i need to write something down. So i thought as i have a new bag i need to protect my bag from exploding pens so i was looking for a pencil case. I didn’t want a massive pencil case just for a pen so i was looking for a slim pencil case.

This is where i came across the Laura Ashley Home section in WHSmith.

The pencil case is exactly what i was looking for. Also, the colour was a bonus because i like the colour purple.
Sadly i can’t find a link for the pencil case on the WHSmith website. However the price of it was £4.99.

Who loves shoes? Yes i definitely do but not a pair of heels. Funnily enough i only own a couple of pairs of heels, most of my shoe collection is boots. 

So i’ve only gone and added another pair to the collection.
We’ve had a new shoe shop open in my local town so i decided to go and have a look. I wasn’t expecting at all to fall in love with another pair of boots.
The fluffy inside just keeps your feet nice and warm plus having the fluffy material on the outside makes the boot look so much better.
At the price of £24.99, i thought it was a pretty good price for a shoe what with the prices of things today.
There’s now only 2 colours Brown and Taupe to choose from.

Finally, my last shopping item goes with the pencil case i got. I always end up needing to write something down and i never have anything to write on other then a loose couple pieces of paper which i end up loosing. So i’ve been looking for a little notepad which would’t take up loads of space in my bag. While i found the pencil case in the section of Laura Ashley Home in WHSmith i came across a little notepad as well.

 It’s such a lovely little notepad, it’s lined as well.
At the price of £2.99 i thought it was such a perfect price for a good notepad. It also has a band round it securing it together while not in use. 
Sadly like the pencil case i can not find a link on the WHSmith website for the notepad.