My July favourites.

Why hello everyone, long time no see. I firstly would like to apologise for the fact i haven’t blogged for awhile. I really do not have any excuse at all. The fact is i just lost all the motivation needed to write all the posts. I’d just sit here in front of my laptop, open Blogger and just sit there for ages not knowing what to do. However do not worry, i am back and i’d like to say thank you to all you people who haven’t given up on me, i shall make it up to you.
During July in England it’s been so hot reaching up to 30c and in some cases even higher than that. If you’re from England then you’ll know what i mean when i say it’s just not normal getting weather like that. If you’re not from England then you’re probably thinking what on earth is she going on about, 30c weather this time of the year is nothing but with England all we’re use to is rain, rain and even more rain so the heat was a shock to everyone when it arrived.
Right, back to the reason why we’re all here, here are my July favourites. They were my June favourites but then i didn’t get round to writing it and throughout July. I have used all the same so i thought i might as well do a July instead of June. I just seem to be mumbling now so i might as well get started.

I’m one of those girls where i hardly ever wear dresses, skirts or shorts but when the heat arrived wearing jeans was completing out of the question so i went shopping with my friend a couple of weeks before and ended up in H&M and that was when i came across a thin material blue dotty dress. I would of melted if it wasn’t for the fact i had this dress. It’s so thin and easy to wear, i don’t have a bad word to say about it.
Sadly you can no longer buy this.
For the past couple of months i’ve been loving the Vo5 shampoos and conditioners. Throughout June and July i’ve just been hooked on the ‘Nourish my shine’. Left is the shampoo and right in the conditioner. I find when i use shampoo and conditioner which are in the same bottle it leaves my hair really greasy. Using these separate they leave my hair feeling so soft it’s unbelievable. I would definitely recommend Vo5 shampoos and conditioners to anyone who asked for a recondition because there’s nothing bad about them at all.
You can find them at TESCO, BOOTS, ASDA, MORRISONS, and SUPERDRUG.
Anyone reading this which has long hair which gets tangled all the time and you have trouble using normal brushes? Then this is perfect for you.
I never knew about this perfect little thing till i got watching Zoella. She’d done a few videos involving the tangle teezer and recommend it to anyone with long hair which got knotty. Being someone with long hair at times it’s really difficult to the hair brush though. This is where the tangle teezer comes into it, i just can’t find enough words to describe how amazing it is. It brushes through your knotty hair so easily and it doesn’t pull out your hair as much as a normal hair brush does. It’s such a great brush it’s the size of your hand so you don’t have to worry about how small or big the brush is.
You can get all different sizes and colour tangle teezers from BOOTS
You can find Zoella at;
I always love smelling great who doesn’t? I’m one of them girls when i find a spray i like, i then buy a couple and stick with them for awhile and that is exactly the case with these sprays.
I love the Charlie sprays, all different lovely smelling sprays.
Here, on the left i have the Charlie Chic and on the right i have the Charlie Shimmer.
Some of you maybe thinking what on earth are those bottles we haven’t seen them before. The bottles aren’t the up to date ones, like i mentioned i do buy in bulk when it comes to sprays. I end up using it so quickly it’s better to buy in bulk rather than buy one every 2 weeks.
I always find it difficult to try and explain what a spray actually smells like. Rather than making myself look like an utter ass i shall just tell you what it says on the spray. Then you can try and work out what it smells like.
Charlie Shimmer (purple) is grapefruit blossom, blue lotus and sweet orange.
Charlie Chic (Pink) is patchouli, sandalwood with a hint of timeless amber.
If you’re a regular here reading my blog posts then you’ll know i’m a down to earth person. I don’t go out and spend hundred of pounds on clothes which are branded names. There’s nothing wrong with spending lots of money on branded clothes but that just isn’t for me. I do have the odd Jack Wills and Hollister items in my wardrobe so i can’t fully say i don’t spend loads of money on clothes.
My next favourite item of clothing is these blue pumps. These go so well with my blue dress from H&M so you can guess how happy i was when i noticed the 2 items went so well. With the hot weather which had appeared in the UK i didn’t want to be wearing trainers or boots so something like pumps was such a great idea.
They are so light and comfortable they are just perfect for anyone who wants a light pair of shoes. If anyone asked for a shoe recommendation i would 100% recommend people looking at BHS. They are so good i actually got 2 pairs, i got the dark blue pair and i got a black pair.

Hot weather and hot bodies don’t go well at all so you have to always remember to keep yourself smelling nice with deodorant. I came across DOVE a couple of years ago and choose to go with the Fresh Cucumber deodorant. If i’m honest, i don’t like cucumber so i’m not really sure why i decided that was the one i was going with. I don’t really have a bad word to say about it, it smells ok which was a surprise to me, but that hasn’t changed my view on cucumber. Last year came and i decided it was time for a change and i came across Fresh Pomegranate. I had never came across pomegranate before so i didn’t know what to expect. It smells amazing, it’s so fresh and you can respray yourself throughout the day and still feel fresh.
I would 100% recommend this, to anyone looking for a deodorant which would keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.  
You can find Dove deodorant in any supermarket or beauty shop such as BOOTS, SUPERDRUG, ASDA, TESCOMORRISONS and WAITROSE 
Anybody like the smell of aloe vera and have sensitive skin? SIMPLE is the perfect shower cream for you. I’ve gone through so many different shower gels and shower creams due to the fact i have such sensitive skin. My skin just goes crazy if it doesn’t agree with the product i’m using. Then i was recommend to use aloe vera as that’s perfect for sensitive skin. I went hunting for a aloe vera shower gel and this is where i came across the Simple shower cream. It labels itself as ‘Kind to skin, soothing, shower cream’, and it’s exactly that. It’s just amazing, i have never had an issue with my skin since using this and you smell of aloe vera for awhile after your shower.
If anyone reading this has the same sensitive skin issue then you have to go and look at the Simple products they shall definitely help your skin. 
You can find Simple products from BOOTS, SUPERDRUG, ASDA, TESCO, MORRISONS and WAITROSE


None of these brands have asked me to write a review. These are my views on what i liked during the month on July.