Shopping Haul.

I’m one of those girls who can love shopping but i can also hate shopping at the same time.
It had got to that time of the year where I couldn’t find anything to wear, even though my wardrobe and draws are overfilling with clothes. It was time to go shopping for some new clothes, hoping for a good summer, to wear the new clothes. 
I don’t tend to go for brands, I say that but I do like my Jack Wills and Hollister hoodies. However, other than that my clothes are hardly brand names.
Just to warn you, there are many images in this blog post so it shall go on for awhile!
Hollister, H&M and New Look Haul
So i thought, i’d have a look in many shops. Sadly, i only managed to find stuff i liked in 3 main shops Hollister, H&M and New Look.

Hollister Body MistHollister

In Hollister, i sadly couldn’t find any clothes which i wanted but there was no reason to get worried. In January i went shopping with 2 of my friends and we went to Hollister and i came across the fragrance section. I do love trying all different fragrances so i couldn’t wait to smell all of them. At the time i didn’t get any but this visit i made sure to buy some. As i couldn’t find any clothes i wanted to buy, it was the right time, not only did i buy 1 but altogether i bought 3 different fragrances.
Silver Strand Beach Mist
Silver Strand Beach Mist – Sparkling Mandarin, Mango, Coconut
Crescent Bay Mist
Crescent Bay Mist – Watermelon, Poppy, Sugary Woods
Solana Beach Mist
Solana Beach Mist – Raspberry, Jasmine, White Musk 

H&M Tops  H&M

In H&M i was looking for a blazer and a skater skirt and what did i end up leaving the shop with? Yes that’s right 4 tops and no blazer and no skater skirt. I think i should really write a list of what i’m going for as i seem to forget more than remember these days.
Here i bought 2 crop tops and 2 strap tops. I really don’t have the supermodel body so with the crop top no matter how weird it looks i think i shall be looking to wear another top underneath them. With the strap tops they are really thin material. So, i can use them when it’s nice sunny weather which i’m sure we shall all be hoping for this summer!
H&M Tops
H&M Tops
H&M Tops
H&M Tops

New Look Jumpers New Look

And finally New Look. I went into New Look looking for a summery dress, i found one which looked really lovely but when i tried it on it looked horrible on me, so sadly looking for dresses went out of the window. I then came across the jumper section, i have so many jumpers its crazy! 
Most of my jumpers are just one colour and that’s it. So, when i saw the humming bird jumper it caught my eye straight away and i just had to get it, it looked amazing when i tried it on!
Now here’s a funny story for you, i’m 20 years old and about 5ft 1. The second item i got from New Look was a lovely knitted yarn cardigan. It’s such a warm cardigan and i thought nothing about it as it fitted me really well. Everything was fine till i looked at the size, it was a 10-11 year old cardigan. I could not believe what i was seeing but that didn’t stop me from buying it. I was just amazed that at the age of 20 i was still able to fit in 10-11 clothes.
New Look Jumpers
New Look Jumpers
Hope you enjoyed finding out what i bought on my shopping trip with my best friend.
What shops do you like shopping at?