A friday evening walk with the family.

So i’ve done a couple of beauty posts, a fashion post and a blog helping post. I thought it was time to do a photography post. When i say a photography post i mean a post which i talk about things and add some landscape photos.
My family mean everything to me. So, when the weekend comes it’s an exciting time as it’s time to spend some time with them. I’ve always been close to my family so i’m very lucky. I know some people aren’t so lucky and have a difficult relationship when it comes to family.
Friday came and we decided to go down to the beach. The last couple of days it’s been pretty hot so it was lovely to go down to the beach, where it was a bit cooler.
One of my favourite things to photograph has got to be sunsets. I can’t fully explain my reason for loving to photograph sunsets but one of the main reasons why i like photographing sunsets is that every sunset is not the same, you always have a different picture.
Being a photographer, i’m always out looking for a photograph opportunity. Whether it’s with my DLSR or just with my phone. There’s always a saying which if you’re into taking photo’s you’ll know exactly what i mean. The saying is “The camera never lies”. I’ve always gone by that quote but recently, i’ve been noticing more and more that it’s wrong. The camera does lie to you, what you can see with the naked eye, the camera does not see the same. You see that the colours are completely different, they can be similar but they’re not 100% the same from what you can see.
I always love visiting the beach. Everything just doesn’t matter when you’re down the beach. It’s so relaxing just looking out to sea, the wind blowing and the sound of the sea.
So here are my 3 favourite photographs of the sunset, hope you enjoy.


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