Autosport Show 2015

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When Big Ben struck midnight to tell everyone it was 2015 there was one date in January which I was really looking forward to, and that was 10th. Why you ask? Well that was the day me and my family would travel up to the Autosport international car show. As you can guess it involved cars, cars and even more cars, it’s like heaven for a car lover.

The day started off at a gruesome 5am, where we had to travel from Somerset to Birmingham.

Some people may think we’re crazy but if you personally know me then you’ll know I’m car crazy. Point a car out to me and I can tell you what model it is. At Autosport this is where you don’t need to worry if you’re female and know too much about cars. Everyone is the same when you’re at Autosport, everyones loves cars and you don’t need to worry about it. 
Talking about cars, my non realistic dream car is an Audi R8 White V10. My realistic dream car is an grey Mini Cooper S.
I’m rather lucky as I’ve grown up in a car crazy family so that’s where I get my love of cars from.
With over 500 exhibitors the event is spread over a number of the NEC’s halls. You can buy anything from art work, car polishes, parts of F1 cars or even buy vehicles from the COYS Auction. 
When you decide to go to the Autosport show you have to prepare yourself to do a lot of walking, you feel like you’ve walked miles by the end of the day but it’s so worth it.
The show opens fully to the public on Saturday. I thought i’d do a review to show you what you can expect if you ever decide to go to the show. If you wish to be part of the trade stands, then there are two trade days (Thursday and Friday) before the show opens to the public on Saturday.
Doors open at 9am. So you are better off trying to get there by 9am to have the full day experience. The first couple of hours is busy but it’s manageable. When it gets to 11am to midday that’s when you notice there seems to be more and more people there.

Getting into Autosport you need to pay. There are 3 different ticket options.
There’s the standard Adult and Child ticket, the paddock ticket and the VIP ticket.
All ticket prices i think are at a realisable price, but everyone has their own view on what they’d prefer to pay.

There’s food outlets around the show where you can get anything from burger and chips to a baguette. If you wish you can also bring your own food with you.
The only issue i have with the Autosport show is that you have to walk a lot. There’s hardly any seating around the show unless you’ve decided to be a VIP where you get a lounge to sit in where they offer you cakes and biscuits and refreshments. As a VIP ticket holder myself i had the lounge to sit in but it was tough seeing loads of people having to sit on floors to have a rest and have their lunch. That’s the only issue i have with Autosport, everything else i love.

Finally i have some photos of the show, so you can see some of the cars which was there.
Even at a car show we got to meet Ted. He’s a Sprocker puppy in training for the West Midlands Police Dog Unit.
He’s such a gorgeous and well trained dog. If you wish to find out more about Ted or want to see more photos of him. You can check out his Twitter page.
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