Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

Why hey there long time no see and once again i am to blame for that reason.
If you live in the UK, specially in the South West area you’ll know that in August there is always one event which happens every year which draws in thousands of people and that’s the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. That is where you’ll witness a spectacular scene of over 100 hot air balloons.
The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta happens around 4 days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday around the start of August. It’ll cost you and your family nothing, the event is free. However, you shall have to pay for food and for the rides in the fairground.
This year my family decided to go on the Thursday (Thursday was really the only sunny and dry day of the weekend). One of the main reasons for choosing to go on the Thursday was the Nightglow. The Nightglows only happen on the Thursday and on the Saturday.
The Nightglows happens as darkness falls and over 30 hot air balloons light up in time of the music. It’s such a spectacular view and it really is a must see. To top that spectacular event off, there is a firework finale. I really can’t find enough words to describe the Nightglow. Ask anyone who has witnessed the Nightglow and they’ll also say how amazing it is.

Want to know more? There’s a website on what exactly the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta has to offer you.

Here are the 46 photos, i had to try and lower the number as i did have 147 photos from the day. As a photographer i always take  too many photos and end up trying to lower the number of photo’s to show.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

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