Goodwood Festival of Speed.

It’s another long blog post and apologies in advance. As many of you know by now, i love cars. 
I had the chance to visit Goodwood when the Festival of Speed was on. The event was held on 25th-28th June 2015. Even to this day i still can’t even put together words to describe what an amazing day it was.
Even though my day started off at 4am it was an amazing day. I would totally recommend it to anyone who has a fond love for all sorts of cars.
I won’t go on about the whole day as this post will be a mile long, it’s already at that point because of the photos (fyi, this is only half the photos, there was so many i had to cut the amount down).
Goodwood is for every age, not only is there supercars there are also old classic cars.
I’ll leave you to it now, have a look at what vehicles was there this year (there was also a typhoon aircraft which did an air display).
Have look at the website: Goodwood 
Maybe i’ll see you there next year.
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