If you love cars then this post is for you.
Japfest is the Europe’s biggest Japanese car show, you even have cars which aren’t even Japanese.
It’s a great day out for all ages.
You’re welcome to put your own car on show for other people to view. If you don’t want to do that then there is a public car park for you to park in.
You can even enter your car into a track event and you can race around the racetrack with other cars.
You can find out more info about Japfest by the website.
There’s only going to be a short part of writing as there’s 27 photo’s for this post and it would just go on forever if i wrote about every car.
Sadly i didn’t have my camera with me so i took the photo’s on my phone so the photo’s won’t be the quality which you’d expect from the photo’s on my blog. 
It’s truly a great event to go to if you love cars and i would definitely recommend going.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  
All photos are copyrighted to © KLPhotography which is myself, i’d appreciate it if no one would steal my photos which i have taken the time and energy to go and photograph.
If i find or get informed of anyone who has stolen any photos of mine, who have not asked permission to use them, i shall be taking action against you.
Thank you for understanding.
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