KLPhotography on Instagram.

If you’re new round here then hey! I’m Kaitlin the owner of KaitlinLouise.
I’m not just a blogger, i’m a photographer.
It’s only been recently that i’ve been getting my photo’s onto social media so the public can view them.
When i say recently, part of that is a lie. I’ve had a Instagram for a couple of years now and it’s only been recently i’ve got back to using it and sharing my images. 
Having Instagram is just another way i can interact with people. It also gives people another way to view my photography.
If you fancy having a look at my Instagram its: https://instagram.com/_klphotography/

I hope you enjoy my photography.
All photos are copyrighted to © KLPhotography which is myself, i’d appreciate it if no one would steal my photos which i have taken the time and energy to go and photograph.
If i find or get informed of anyone who has stolen any photos of mine, who have not asked permission to use them, i shall be taking action against you.
Thank you for understanding.
Want to ask a question about my photography?

Contact me: Kaitlinlouise94@gmail.com