My favourite flower

When it comes to flowers, everyone has their favourite. 
There’s so many flowers out there such as daffodil, iris, lavender, marigold, rose, sunflower, carnation, gerbera, hydrangea, orchid, peony and so many more others. 
When it comes to my favourite flower, it’s tulips.

Why do i love tulips?
I love tulips because it’s a sign of spring. They come in all different colours, they’re not just one colour. They come in whites, pinks, purples, reds, yellows, orange and many more other colours. Even more spectacular, some of the time tulips can be more than one colour. You can see a few photographs of multi coloured tulips below.

The last couple of weeks the tulips have been opening around in my garden. They just look so beautiful, so i thought it was time to get my camera out and take some photo’s before the bad weather appears and destroys them.



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