Nice to have you back Autumn

As a photographer all the different seasons of the year is a fantastic time to get the camera out. While doing so,  i decided to go for a walk and see all the different colours.
Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. All the different colours from green, brown, yellow, red and many more.
There’s nothing better than wrapping up in your coat, scarf and gloves and going for a family walk to the woods and just truly losing yourself within the trees. It’s important to have some time away from the internet and phones. There’s so much out there and many people just have their heads in phones and miss it all.
Sadly when we went for the family walk most of the trees were still green. However, there was a few which was changing colour. Hopefully when we go for another walk the trees will be mostly all different colours.
All photos are copyrighted to ©KaitlinLouisePhotography which is myself, i’d appreciate it if no one would steal my photos which i have taken the time and energy to go and photograph.
If i find or get informed of anyone who has stolen any photos of mine, who have not asked permission to use them, i shall be taking action against you.
Thank you for understanding.
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  • Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!


    • Kaitlin Louise

      Thank you ever so much Arron!

  • Ah i love your photos! Autumn is beautiful to photograph but I prefer spring and summer as I hate the cold aha!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • Kaitlin Louise

      Thank you! Spring is amazing specially for the photos. I have a love and hate relationship when it comes to summer and winter haha!