Walk around a duck pond

Theres nothing more fun than going for a family walk around a duck pond and seeing all the different kinds of birds. Last week me and my family decided to go to a duck pond which was about half an hour from where we live. We’d heard about it but we’d never been before. We were not disappointed, there was many different kinds of birds. What i love to see is families going for walks round the duck pond. It doesn’t cost a thing but you get so much enjoyment from it.

Some people reading this will probably wonder why i get so excited about wildlife, walks and just fresh air. There’s nothing better than going for a walk and just finding something you never expected. It just amazes me how there’s people wanting to build on every single green area we have in the UK. Destroying the beauty of nature to build more and more houses is just crazy if you ask me.

With a love for nature, i think that’s one of the main reasons why i fell in love with photography. With many years later i’m still in love with photography. I just love how at times wild animals will just pose for you without even asking.

I’m going to stop talking crazy now, hope you enjoy the photos.

All photos are copyrighted to ¬©KaitlinLouisePhotography which is myself, i’d appreciate it if no one would steal my photos which i have taken the time and energy to go and photograph.

If i find or get informed of anyone who has stolen any photos of mine, who have not asked permission to use them, i shall be taking action against you.

Thank you for understanding.

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