Everyone needs their little space of the internet, and this is mine.

Welcome to Kaitlin Louise.

I’m Kaitlin, 22 year old photographer from Somerset in the United Kingdom.

I have a massive passion for photography which i’m sure you’ll find out during your look around on the blog. Not only is the blog going to be about photography but it’s going to be about fashion, life and beauty. That won’t be the only subjects i’ll touch upon, there will also be blog posts about car’s, baking and so much more.

Kaitlin Louise is a blog created for males and females, not only will there be blog posts about beauty reviews, fashion hauls there shall also be blog posts about car shows and events and i shall be sharing some of my favourite recipes for keen bakers out there.

I’m a fond lover of social media, so there are many different ways of getting to know more about me.

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